Practice Areas & Products
Corporate law & Corporate governance Incorporations, shareholder meetings, corporate housekeeping, financings, shareholder agreements, articles of association and regulations, corporate governance, expert opinions, succession planning

Contract law
Purchase and loan agreements, service agreements, mandate and consultancy agreements, supply and construction agreements, rent and leasing agreements, license and outsorcing agreements, distribution and franchise agreements

Family & Inheritence law, estate planning
Marital contracts, contracts of succession, last wills, family office services, estate and succession planning, mandates as executor of a will

Foundations & Trusts
Set up and administration of foundations and Trusts, Family Office Services

Employment law, Residence & Working Permits
Employment agreements, employee participation schemes, residence and working permits

Banking and regulatory law
We advise and represent banks in internal and foreign and domestic regulatory investigations

Mergers & Acquisitions
Mergers, acquisitions, purchase and sale of participations or assets, joint ventures, cooperation agreements, restructuring

Analysis of claims, development of procedural strategy, representation in civil and administrative procedures, regulatory matters and arbitration

Real estate law
Real estate purchase and pledge agreements, approval procedures, buliding and timesharing projects

Restructuring & Bankruptcy law
Representation of creditors, liquidation of bankrupt companies, representation in bankruptcy and receivership procedures

Data protection law 
Advice and representation concerning data protection

Third party liability law
Defence of company officers, medical practitioners and advisors against professional liability and malpractice claims. Advice and representation in the area of third party liability

Art & Sport law
Purchase agreements, agency and procurement agreements, sponsoring contracts, artist contracts, sport associations and financing of Sport clubs, Golf law, copyright law, customs & approval procedures


Burppacher, Hug & Partner, unsere hauptsächlichen Tätigkeitsgebiete umfassen Wirtschafts- Gesellschaftsrecht, Vertrags- und Handelsrecht, Mergers & Acquisitions, Vertriebsrecht, Erbrecht und Nachfolgeplanung, Arbeits- und Aufenthaltsrecht, sowie Prozessführung. Die Anwälte unserer Kanzlei sind als Mitglieder in Verwaltungsräten, Geschäftsleitungen von Gesellschaften, Stiftungsstrukturen und Family Offices tätig.

News & Cases

December 2018: International bankruptcy law revised to facilitate the recognition of foreign bankruptcy proceedings in Switzerland

The amendments to the Federal Code on Private International Law (CPIL) will enter into force on January 1st, 2019.

The recognition of foreign bankruptcy and debt moratorium proceedings...

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 Legal Briefing - Februar 2018

Bruppacher Hug & Partner Legal Briefing vom Februar 2018 über die Rechte eines Aktionärs einer Aktiengesellschaft, insbesondere an der Generalversammlung.

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